Crooked Letter John

Album: We Were Wasted

Recorded during the Summer of 2011 at the Delta Music Institute in Cleveland, MS. All songs written, played, and recorded by John Patrick Roach with some help from Lance Vaughn.

“I Don’t Sleep”


I don’t sleep without you at night

Without you here by my side

No I don’t sleep without you at night

I don’t dream without you at night

With you here by my side

No I don’t dream without you at night

So I take my time and I count my sheep

While I toss and turn ’cause I can’t sleep

I don’t know how I’m going to survive

Yeah I’ll play, I’ll sing

I’ll do most anything

For you to come back to me




We are invincible

Mostly indefensible

No need for combs or makeup

We don’t give a shit where we wake up

Through puffs of cigarettes

We talk Lynch and Cassvetes

On a porch in mid-December

Can’t regret what we can’t remember

We sleep around and we sleep too late

Drink early because we couldn’t wait

Making sport of inebriation

We turn a fight into a celebration

Broken bottles and ripped up jeans

Are common props for our common scene

We’re overjoyed and we don’t know sorrow

Kill today because there’s no tomorrow

We never want to go to sleep

We only want to be redeemed



Oh those days with Mississippi

With our summer tan lines

We were tracing freckles on her face

To see what pictures we could make


Where there is no sense of time

Running barefoot through the Delta fields

No ups and downs, no threatening hills

Oh those nights with Mississippi

When that summer breeze would blow

We were tracing every start in sight

To see what stories we could write


When there’s nowhere else to go

Driving circles in a pickup truck

We sing a long with lady luck

When all I have

Is blues and rags

You’ll find me

In the heart of Miss Mississippi

I’ll never leave Mississippi

As long as it’s summer here

Mockingbirds in skies so blue

Heaven in her eyes so blue


Yeah you know she is my dear

‘Cause she is so go to me

I love Miss, Miss, Miss


Who What When Where

Experimental Sessions

Written and Recorded with Ricky Figueroa

“An Apology”


Our sons and daughters

Will die as martyrs

Against the sins of you and I

We’ll say we faltered

Upon the alter

But they will never see us cry

“Oh, Sister”


“Pony Express”


“Rockin Dood”


Apache Valentino

All songs written and performed by Apache Valentino with Ricky Figueroa on guitar and vocals, Benji Orlansky on bass, Charlton Roberts on piano, Andy Paul on guitar, and Patrick Roach on drums.






“Baby Little Mr. Mississippi”