BlockFi Senior Data Warehouse Engineer

Are you a Data Engineer? @BlockFi is hiring a Senior Data Warehouse Engineer. Come work for one of the most exciting and innovative crypto companies! #blockfi #data #dataarchitecture #dataengineering #dataengineer #dataanalytics #dataanalysis #databasedevelopment #databaseadministration #crypto #cryptojobs

LASSO a better cup of coffee

by George Perrett - Applied Statistician and Research Scientist Feature Selection Choosing a coffee is fundamentally an exercise in prediction. Presumptive coffee drinkers are presented with an onslaught of variables describing a coffee’s origins, flavors, sent, texture and roasting processes. The combination of variables can rapidly increases to the point of becoming overwhelming. While to … Continue reading LASSO a better cup of coffee

internet privacy

How to be Anonymous Online – Best tools to protect your online privacy in 2021

Image from Multiple public and private entities work day and night to monitor, track and record the digital footprint left behind by internet users. Internet users are tracked for different reasons, including targeted advertising, government agency spying, content blocking and censorship, and identity theft. If you are worried about your safety and anonymity online, there … Continue reading How to be Anonymous Online – Best tools to protect your online privacy in 2021

Best Code Editors

BEST CODE EDITORS When learning to write code, whether you're learning HTML, Python, Javascript, or any other language, having the best code editor can greatly improve your skills and increase your learning speed. Below I have compiled a list of some of the best code editors. JetBrains: Developer Tools for Professionals and Teams By far … Continue reading Best Code Editors